Owen Dalby and Meena Bhasin   co-Artistic Directors   artisticdirector@nvcm.org

Owen Dalby and Meena Bhasin
co-Artistic Directors

Tiffany Loewenberg   Executive Director   tiffany@nvcm.org

Tiffany Loewenberg
Executive Director

Maria Shaw   Production Manager   maria@nvcm.org

Maria Shaw
Production Manager

WHO we are

Noe Valley Chamber Music is a premiere live music series in San Francisco, presenting the world’s best talent alongside local artistic gems in intimate urban environments.

WHAT we do

NVCM presents performances in a way that encourages reflection, opens pathways to understanding and fosters deeply moving experiences with live music. Whether it’s your first time witnessing live chamber music or your child’s first time seeing an instrument up close, NVCM brings you into a rich cultural community with excellent events for the whole family.

our approach

We offer four unique ways of experiencing our artists, each with its own signature twist. Choose from Snapshots, Classical Kids, Sundays at Four, Up Close & Personal, or better yet, join us for all four!

Snapshots: A new series of musical "happy hours" held throughout SF in unconventional spaces tailored to the schedules and tastes of busy professionals. Snapshots creates a social atmosphere for people to have a personally relevant experience with great music in environments that are familiar, convenient and relaxed. It’s the perfect place for your after-work culture fix.

NVCM’s Classical Kids: Interactive concerts for the whole family that introduce you and your youngsters to some of the best classical artists in the country in a comfortable community setting. Through activities, games, and creative play, NVCM’s Classical Kids makes introducing children to live music fun and easy.

Sundays at Four: NVCM’s well-loved series with a loyal following of 25 years held at Noe Valley Ministry. This series features full-length programs that showcase phenomenal artists from the Bay Area and around the world.

Up Close & Personal: Evenings with Kai, a lecture series hosted by the inimitable Kai Christensen, and Up Close and Personal, intimate gatherings in great SF homes with live music and lively conversation—these special events are designed to get you closer to the artists and the music than you ever knew possible.

Owen Dalby and Meena Bhasin, co-Artistic Directors
Tiffany Loewenberg, Executive Director
Maria Shaw, Production Manager

Board of Directors

Ray Walton, President
Eve Levine, Secretary/Treasurer
Charlotte Burchard
Charles McCullough
Katherine Roberts Perl
Karen Heather, Board Member and Artistic Director Emeritus

Noe Valley Chamber Music
1021 Sanchez Street
San Francisco, CA 94114


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