Evenings with Kai

A book club for chamber music

This easygoing lecture series with star musicologist Kai Christensen explores the magic of chamber music, featuring recorded examples from the upcoming season. Enjoy salon-style nibbles and wine in a beautiful home while you dive deep inside the music. Whether you are new to chamber music or a longtime fan, Kai makes it a fascinating evening!

"What a fabulous and unique experience. It was really dynamic. I learned so much and Kai made the topic super accessible!"

Kai Christensen

Kai Christiansen is a musicologist, writer and lecturer on chamber music and is the founder of earsense.org an online chamber music resource. Known for his passionate style and engaging delivery, Kai has been writing program notes and deconstructing NVCM's chamber music events for years. 

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Up Close & Personal

Intimate gatherings in great SF homes with live music and lively conversation. Up Close & Personal events are special opportunities to engage with our artists and learn more about them and their music in a warm and inviting setting.

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